Uretek ICR South Texas


Extend the Life of Your Infrastructure

 Extend the Life of Your Infrastructure Underground Culverts / Manholes / Gated Wet Wells that fail present significant challenges for stormwater drainage system managers. When culverts develop cracks, settle, experience joint separation, or suffer from substantial soil support loss, the consequences can be devastating. Soil erosion caused by water infiltration or washout can create sinkhole-like […]

Case Study – Repair of Box Culvert Leaking Joints and Compaction of Weak Soils

 Enhancing Drainage Systems – Box Culvert Repair – Lasting Repairs and Soil Compaction  Introduction In the realm of infrastructure maintenance, the need for effective drainage systems cannot be overstated. Our commitment to superior engineering solutions sets us apart in ensuring lasting box culvert repair and comprehensive soil compaction. Discover how our expertise surpasses the competition, […]

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair using the Uretek Method

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair Process

Unveiling the Superiority of Foundation Repair in Corpus Christi using the Uretek Method Introduction When it comes to addressing foundation issues, the choice of repair method can make all the difference. In Corpus Christi, where the soil conditions and climate can take a toll on foundations, selecting the right technology is crucial. Enter Uretek, a […]