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Box Culvert Repair

 Extend the Life of Your Infrastructure

Underground Culverts / Manholes / Gated Wet Wells that fail present significant challenges for stormwater drainage system managers. When culverts develop cracks, settle, experience joint separation, or suffer from substantial soil support loss, the consequences can be devastating. Soil erosion caused by water infiltration or washout can create sinkhole-like conditions in structures above, including roadways, dams, levees, and buildings, which often leads to increased settlement in the structures above.

Leaks in the joints of drainage box culverts or pipes result in the erosion of foundation soils from the pavement system. These soils are carried away by water flowing through the box culverts and exiting through the leaky joints. This leads to a loss of support for the above structures, resulting in settlement and possible cracking of the concrete structure.

Additionally, this can create voids around the culvert or under the concrete structure, leading to sudden structure movement and sometimes catastrophic failures. While some drainage system joints remain intact, they may have poor compaction over the culvert or pipe, requiring stabilization.

Case Study

The City of Corpus Christi contacted us about failures occurring in box culverts under Staples St near a busy intersection.

We applied our direct injection material, a hydro-insensitive expansive polymer into the foundation soil under the concrete structure at various elevations. This compacted loose soil to properly support the concrete structure. We continued injection to raise the concrete structure. We then inject the polymer around leaking joints to fill any voids and compact soil around the drainage system. This also allows material to enter the leaking joints while expanding, providing a positive encasement seal of the joint.


Zero downtime

Complete reconstruction of the drainage system is not required.
Tear out and replacement of the pavement and support soils to excavate the drainage system is not required.

Tremendous dollar savings over replacement.

Injection to seal the leaking joints in the drainage system can be easily controlled to prevent filling of the pipe and waste of material.

Yearly re-sealing of the drainage system joints from the inside is not required as is often the case with traditional methods.

Injection can be accomplished in wet soil conditions as our hydro-insensitive polymer will form a dimensionally stable polymer even when injecting into saturated soils. The expansion process will also drive the water out of the soil system.

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