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Signs of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems typically have very recognizable signs. These signs can range from typical cracks you see in walls, to doors that don’t open properly, to more obvious signs such as cracks in exterior walls and uneven floors. We have outlined the most common signs in this article.

How can you find out if you find problems for sure? Give us a call to arrange for a FOUNDATION EVALUATION, and one of our friendly inspectors will check your property and give you an estimate. Sometimes our inspectors find that there are no severe foundation issues that warrant immediate action. To help you determine if your home or business may need foundation repair, we have listed the top ten signs of foundation problems here:

1. Cracks in brick – Stair-step cracks in brick mortar are the most common sign in slab and pier and beam houses. The mortar is the weakest link in the chain and usually will break before brick, however, brick can also break due to the stress.

2. Separation of fascia boards – The wood trim around the top of the brick will pull apart since the brick often rotates out from the top. A sure sign of movement is if large gaps develop in these trim boards at the corners of a house.

3. Sticking doors – Both interior and exterior doors can stick if the foundation has settled. Since settlement causes the frames of doors to be out of square, the door itself will stick in the frame or swing open by itself.

4. Sheetrock cracks – Again, sheetrock is soft and will crack sooner that most other parts of your house. Diagonal cracks above doors and widow frames are one of the most common signs of settlement.

5. Sticking windows – Windows will often be hard to open and close due to distortion of the frame, again, caused by settlement.

6. Sloping or uneven floors – If a piece of furniture appears to be leaning, it is probably settlement of the foundation.

7. Squeaky floors – Floors that squeak or shake on pier & beam and frame structures often mean that you have foundation problem.

8. Soft spots in flooring – This may be an indication of rotted lumber under the structure caused by water or insect damage.

9. Wrinkles or tears in walls – Wrinkled wallpaper or tears on wall texture and ceilings are also signs of foundation settlement.

10. Cracks in floor tile – Ceramic floor tile, being a rigid material, will often crack if the foundation moves.