Uretek ICR South Texas


Bulkhead Repair

URETEK ICR South Texas can repair issues with your bulkhead, when joints leak it can allow underlying supporting soils to erode into the water. This causes the bulkhead decking to settle.

URETEK ICR South Texas can utilize the URETEK method to quickly seal the leaking joints in the bulkhead retaining wall, fill any erosion voids, and lift any settled decking caused by the leaking joint.

Utilizing the URETEK Method, we will non-Intrusively:

How do we Repair Bulkheads?

Is the ground around your seawall or bulkhead caving in?  If you notice bulkhead washout, sinkholes, or voids on your property it may be time to repair your bulkhead or seawall. On the dry side of the bulkhead, technicians inject our patented polymer into the soil near the leak. Our material is hydro-insensitive meaning that it can expand and solidify in a marine or freshwater environment. Our material and process is Corps of Engineer-approved.  Our polymer is NSF61 Certified, this means we leave zero carbon footprint behind. Any excess material is captured as well. Within seconds the two-part polymer starts expanding outward. It fills voids and cracks as it expands. Our patented polymer bonds the soil and improves its load-bearing capacity while being environmentally inert and not harmful to soil. As it expands it bonds to everything it touches, i.e. the bulkhead seeking new avenues in which to expand—like leaky joints and cracks. By repairing your bulkhead washout with the URETEK method you will resolve your current problem and can even prevent future deterioration.