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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

URETEK ICR South Texas has been providing residential and commercial foundation repair since 2004.  With nearly 3000 successful projects we are South Texas’ number 1 choice for foundation repair. Engineer-approved, guaranteed results, and a written warranty will give you the peace of mind that your job is done right.

If your home is needing exterior perimeter correction we will expertly install pressed piers to correct exterior perimeter settlement. For interior foundation issues we will non-intrusively lift the settlement out of the interior areas of your home in 1 day.

If your commercial building has interior or exterior foundation issues URETEK ICR South Texas can help. We can expertly install pressed piers to correct exterior settlement issues or use the URETEK method to non-intrusively lift settled interior areas.

URETEK’s experienced and qualified team will complete a project on your Pier and Beam foundation in a very timely manner. Always using treated lumber in our completed projects you can be rest assured your home has received the best possible solution.

Foundation problems typically have very recognizable signs. These signs can range from typical cracks you see in walls, to doors that don’t open properly, to more obvious signs such as cracks in exterior walls and uneven floors. We have outlined the most common signs in this article.