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Swimming Pools - Decking

URETEK ICR South Texas has worked with homeowners and pool builders throughout South Texas to lift, level, and stabilize pools and pool decking. Pools can shift and settle just like any other structure and they can be lifted and leveled, too.

Go with the experienced pool and pool decking repair company that has been using the URETEK Method since 2004 to lift and stabilize pools and pool decking.

Utilizing the URETEK Method, we will non-Intrusively:

Signs of a Sinking Swimming Pool

Cracks on your pool walls are a common sign of a sinking pool. A pool may shift or sink for a variety of reasons and when it does the weight becomes unevenly distributed. Uneven weight distribution can cause gunite pools to crack at walls and corners because of unplanned changes in weight distribution. By injecting our long-lasting expanding polymer underneath your pool, we can support, stabilize, and prevent future cracking. Another telltale sign of a sinking swimming pool is an uneven waterline, in some cases, skimmers may not be receiving water due to settlement. This can lead to serious plumbing problems. The waterline will always show elevation changes. Plumbing leaks can occur as the pool settles and the weight snaps plumbing lines, there is a complicated system of plumbing tied into your pool so be sure to contact URETEK ICR South Texas if you see any issues with your pool or pool deck settling. Using the URETEK method we can lift and level your pool to correct settlement and adjust the waterline, preventing major issues later

Lifting Settled Pool Deckings

Inground pools mostly come with a concrete pool deck around them. That decking, over time, might become uneven and sink in places, causing a tripping hazard. Oftentimes, the construction process of a pool will cause the concrete surrounding the pool to settle because the soil added around the pool excavation is not as compacted as the undisturbed soil. The loose soil surrounding the pool compresses due to the heavy concrete slab that is poured on top of it. That’s where we see portions of the surrounding concrete sink, resulting in concrete slab sections protruding or settling.

URETEK Specialists can lift and level the structure which is faster and more affordable than replacing the entire pool deck, and a much better option than resurfacing the pool deck itself. Our method does not disrupt the landscaping around the pool because our method does not require heavy equipment to fix the damaged sections of concrete.