Uretek ICR South Texas


Industrial Services

Why URETEK for Industrial Concrete Lifting?

  • Increase and maintain asset value
  • Little to no down time for operations
  • Reduce liability and losses
  • Eco-Friendly procedure
  • No disruption to business

Maximize business operations, minimize liability and loss risks with URETEK industrial concrete lifting services

URETEK Industrial Services Checklist

  • Specifically Trained and Accredited Supervisors & Technicians – URETEK supervisors and technicians are screened employees and are thoroughly trained to perform URETEK projects correctly and efficiently.
  • Proven Process  – URETEK-affiliated companies use the most advanced equipment and materials in the industry. Self-contained mobile units are designed to maximize performance and keep the consistency of our patented polymer.
  • Supervisors on Site – Our URETEK supervisors have over 18 years of experience with structural polymer…  Simply put – We know our stuff.
  • Track Record – Collectively, we have completed over 3,000 successful projects spanning nearly 2 decades.  Nationwide, URETEK’s product has been used for over 90,000 successful projects.
  • Warranties – Upon completion of your project, you will be presented with an industry-leading written warranty.  
  • Insurance – We carry all necessary insurance to perform URETEK concrete lifting, foundation repair, and soil stabilization projects.

Common URETEK Industrial Applications

  • Concrete floor lifting/realignment

  • Weak soil densification

  • Equipment pad stabilization

  • Trip hazard elimination

  • Concrete vibration/pumping reduction