Uretek ICR South Texas


Pier & Beam

Most pier and beam foundations are constructed with piers or pillars made of treated wood or concrete with wooden beams that are fastened on top and across them. Then wooden joists are laid on the beams. This type of foundation provides a crawl space between the foundation and the soil.

Pier and Beam Foundation

Uneven floors? 
Doors that will not open and close properly?
Cracks in your walls?
Cracking in your ceilings?
These are all signs of foundation settlement. 
URETEK ICR South Texas’ experienced crew will, as non-intrusively as possible, make the necessary corrections to get your home back level again.
Whether the repair is as simple as re-lifting by manual jacking and re-shimming or as extensive as removing and replacing rotted or compromised main beams, URETEK will complete the project as swiftly as possible with treated lumber, termite shields where required, hurricane hangers where required, and steel or wood shims.
Replacing sill beams, replacing joists, and replacing wood decking are all common requirements completed by our experienced URETEK crew.
A simple call or online inquiry is all that is required to schedule an appointment to have a trained URETEK representative come out, provide a no-cost survey, and provide a no-cost written proposal of your foundation issue (if any) is found.

INTERIOR ACCESS TO YOUR PROPERTY – During the installation of the support system we will not require access to the inside of the home, until the day the actual leveling process is done. Once the leveling process is being done, a supervisor will need access to the inside of the home. This is the only time we will need access inside the home unless interior work is to be done. It’s a good idea, as a precaution, to take down any pictures, mirrors and other fragile items that may fall from the vibration.

WARRANTY – After our work is completed and project is paid in full, a 2 year warranty on pier and beam will be issued on the project. This warranty is owner transferable.